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DermaTox – week 1

I’ve been spraying the DermaTox on my face, chest, under arm skin tags and back 2-3 times daily now for about a week.

So far there is no change in the worst of my skin conditions – the calcium deposit on my chest remains unchanged.  However there are numerous ‘age spots’ on my chest that are being affected.  I was able to take my finger mail and just scrape several of them off yesterday.  My chest is actually looking younger.

I plan to continue with the product and see if there are any other changes to those areas that are the worst problem.   Also I would say that it has had a beneficial affect on my face.  Prior to using supplements and paying attention to my Ph balance, I had definite pre-cancerous sores on my face.  Those have all disappeared entirely.  Skin cancer has always been a concern for me, as my father had multiple places removed between the ages of 48 and 80, when he died of stomach and colon cancer.

Unfortunately he did not know about Ph balance, phytonutrients or antioxidants.  I do and I believe in them completely.  There is no doubt in my mind that if I had not begun a nutritional regimen (about 20 years ago), I too would have cancer or at least have signs of it.  I am happy to report that there are no signs of the dreadful big C and I am taking NO prescription medications.


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DermaTox Skin Renewal Formula

This is my report on a product called, “DermaTox Skin Renewal Formula”.

I discovered this product by getting a flier in the mail.  What really got my attention were the testimonials about it in that flier.  According to what I read people were having success with removing skin tags, warts, calcium deposits and other such skin eruptions successfully as well as healing burns.

Since I have a number of skin tags as well as what I would term a ‘calcium deposit’ and another place on my back that is much like a boil, I decided to give the product a try.  There is not a lot of information about it on the Internet, at least that I could find.  So, I will share some of the info from the flier here in this post.

DermaTox is a pink fluid and comes in either a 4 oz. spray bottle or a 64 oz. ‘refill’ bottle and is carried by a company called, “HEALTHY HABITS”.  According to the flier: Why Does the Formula Work?  “This original natural formula contains the first zinc-boracyl crystal (*registered trademark), a natural compound created as only nature can do.  The reason this formula (now in DermaTox) is so popular and works so well is not entirely known, but we suspect it has to do with the way Nature bonds the minerals that merge together into the zincboracyl crystal during the manufacturing process.”

CRYSTAL HEALING from Nature and How it is Made:  A special, natural secret mix is put into pure water and allowed to grow into beautiful crystals.  These wonderful crystals are something that only Nature can produce.  Once all the crystals have formed, the water is drawn out and the crystals are slowly and gently dried.  When the crystals are dry, they are dissolved into pure re-mineralized water.  The result is a beautiful pink solution that we call “DERMATOX” ™.

Following are a few of the many testimonials from the flyer:

CALCIUM DEPOSITS:  ‘I have had several calcium deposits on a couple parts of my body – 3 on my face.  I have been using DermaTox 2x/day for the last 3 weeks and all the calcium deposits are shrinking and vanishing.   I am now attacking a skin tag, and some varicose veins with the DermaTox.’  K.F., TX

SKIN TAGS GONE: ‘I have a grandbaby who likes to ‘touch’ and she found some skin tags above my armpit.  She did more than touch.  They became so infected that they stuck out a half inch and were very painful.  I could not even touch them.  I sprayed them with DermaTox every 4-5 hours for 2 days.  The tags fell off and the skin is once again smooth.  I am so glad to be rid of them.’ – F.P., IL

HOSPITAL BED SORES:  ‘My 89 year old mother lives in a convalescent hospital.  Some time ago she began developing sores on her face and scalp.  The hospital staff tried several different medication to heal the sores, but nothing they did made much of a differenece.  Her  physician prescribed cortisone ointment, which also didn’t help.  They consulted a dermatologist, but he was unable to offer further assistance.  At that point, they just gave up.  The sores continued to get larger and got filled with pus.  I became extremely concerned for her.  At that very time, I received a mailing from you about DermaTox.  Although I had never used your products, this sounded like just what was needed.  I ordered DermaTox, and got permission from the hospital administrator to spray it on my mother’s sores.  Within a few days, there were signs of improvement.  Within a month, the sores on her face were totally free of pus and the scabs had also come off.  Two thirds of the sores on her scalp had also cleared. … J.H., CA

SKIN CANCER: ‘Your DermaTox has been great for both my husand and me.  I spray it on his face when he comes in out of the sun, since he has to be constantly monitored and treated for skin cancers.  He starts to get red splotches and I spray on the DermaTox, and the next day there is no sign of redness.  I have rashes on and off, and if I catch it right away, the next day mine is almost gone and then is gone on day two.  I use DermaTox on moles that are trying to start and it zaps them every time.  We won’t be without this wonderful product.’ – A.C. , CA

RASH CLEARS UP: ‘I ordered your DermaTox for a rash that I had.  It did quite well, and I was pleased.  But my husand has skin cancer (basal cell) and two of these were recently removed surgically.  We followed the doctor’s instructions, carefully using the prescribed medication.  they became infected nonetheless.  As I was cleaning them in order to replace clean banadages, I felt led to spray them heavily with DermaTox that I had purchased for myself.  Within a few days they were healing and as of now they are almost completely healed.  I spray them at least twice daily.  Thank you so much for a terrific product and praise the Lord!’ – E.M. FL


I am using DermaTox for my psoriasis which I have had for 8 years.  This product is the only thing that has brought improvement in such a short time.’ F.R., TN

There are quite a few more testimonials in the flier, but that gives a good flavor.  Another thing that helped me make a decision to purchase was that HEALTHY HABITS provides a 90 day, money back guarantee.  At just $29.95 for the 64 oz bottle, I decided it was well worth a try.

I will post again with what kind of results we get.  Meanwhile you can find more info at or can reach the company by phone at: 800-604-6766

P.S.  The last page of the flier states: DermaTox, Soothing, healing, anti-aging skin formula.  An extraordinary skin experience!  (we’ll see 🙂

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