Adrenal support

I began taking ‘Adrenal Performance Plus’ about 3 weeks ago.  Prior to that time I had been drinking a cup of coffee daily for the couple of years.  prior to that I drank green tea only.  Recently I had changed coffee blends to a darker blend.  Every morning I noticed that I felt really horrible and a little weak.  Finally I figured out that it was the coffee, so I quit it.

Now I am using the Adrenal Support which is 2 capsules before breakfast.  Then I heat some water and add Choline Punch along with Organic Super Reds for a delightful, wholesome cup of berry tea to spark up my morning.  The combination has been great as I am feeling much better, stronger and more energized.  My mind truly does seem sharper and it’s easier to figure things out, which as a carpenter and farmer/rancher, I am continually doing.

I received a booklet in the mail entitled “The Fallacy of FATIGUE”, A Special Report, by Mark Stengler.  Here are a few excepts from the book.

EXPOSED: The absurdly simple secret of boundless energy… Because the root of the problem is NOT in your muscles, your heart, your gut or your bonads – and certainly not in your mind.  The key to boundless energy lurks in a place you never suspected…  THE SECRET: It’s all about your ADRENAL GLANDS!

These long ignored little critters sit atop each of your kidneys, where they quietly control the health of your entire body.  In fact, your adrenal glands are almost a “second brain”, because…

They make your bones and muscles strong by producing DHEA, the precursor to anabolic hormones like testosterone.

They regulate your blood pressure in several different ways by secreting adrenaline as an example.

They control your blood sugar by stimulating your liver to make glycogen (a form of glucose) when your blood sugar get too low.

Plus, they provide your body with the powerful stress hormone cortisol, which dials down your pain levels, sharpens your mind, heightens your mood, gives you extra energy on demand, suppresses allergies and influences your sleep cycle.  Your adrenal glands help you stay free of every misery from fatigue and insomnia to infections, asthma, obesity and even thyroid problems.

Once your adrenal glands are properly maintained and perform at their peak, you’ll be astonished at how fabulous you feel.  Because your adrenals regulate so many functions.  You’ll also be supporting *Positive mood, * Calm attitude, *Healthy memory function, *Healthy sleep cycle, *Sharp, alert mind, *Strong muscles, *Youthful libido, and *Flexible joint function.

“This is the single most reliable, effective natural formula I’ve ever used as a doctor…”

You can find Adrenal Performance Plus by visiting:

It is sold by Bottom Line Natural Healing in Wallingford, CT.  Their phone is: 800-894-2236

I will say that over the past few weeks we have had positive results from using this adrenal support product.  By ordering a six month supply the per bottle price is just $20 and free shipping.

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